Journals-Beads 18-2006

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Beads 18 (2006)

Classification and Nomenclature of Beads and Pendants, by Horace C. Beck
The year 2006 marks the 80th anniversary of the presentation of a “Classification and Nomenclature of Beads and Pendants” by Horace C. Beck to the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1926. While it is somewhat out of date, it nevertheless remains a classic in its field and is still the only comprehensive work that deals with the classification of beads of complex shapes and forms. As Beck’s report remains a valuable research tool for bead researchers, the Society of Bead Researchers decided to reprint it so it would again be available to bead scholars around the world. The version presented here replicates the original 1928 version with the addition of an addendum that presents corrections and additions made to the manuscript by Beck up to 1934.

Book, Video and DVD Reviews in Volume 18
The Art of Beadwork: Historic Inspiration, Contemporary Design, by Valerie Hector (2005), reviewed by Alice Scherer • Beads of Borneo, by Heidi Munan (2005), reviewed by Hwei-Fe’n Cheah.