Beads – Back Issues

Beads—Back Issues

BEADS  33 (2021)

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Evoking the Aso’: Dayak Beaded Baby Carrier Panels with Dragon-Dog Motifs • The Bead Trade during the Late Third and Second Millennia BC at the Island of Failaka, Kuwait, Upper Persian Gulf • Heirloom Beads among the Dayak of Borneo • Eighteenth-Century North American Firearms Decorated with Inlaid Glass Beads • Peake, Wampum, or Sewant? An Analysis of Shell Bead Terminology in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake • Northwest Cambodia and the Mekong Interaction Sphere: Glass and Stone Beads from Lovea, Prei Khmeng, and Sophy • The Beads of Athribis, Middle Egypt: an Overview after 10 Years of Excavation • Book Reviews

BEADS  32 (2020)

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Large Glass Beads of Leech Fibulae from Iron Age Necropoli in Northern Italy • Ancient Egyptian Sulfur Beads • Barikot Beads and Gandharan Art Ornaments: A Critical Study of Adornment Practices during the Kushana Period of Pakistan • The Blue Beads of St. Eustatius: New Perspectives from Archaeology and Oral History • Furnace-Wound Glass Bead Production at Schwarzenberg am Böhmerwald, Upper Austria • The Beads from an 18th-century Acadian Site, Prince Edward Island, Canada • A New Way to Study Ancient Bead Workshop Traditions: Shape Analysis Using Elliptical Fourier • Frit-Core Beads: An Update • Book Reviews

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BEADS  31 (2019)

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Evidence of Early 17th-Century Glass Beadmaking in and around Rouen, France • Glass and Enamel Beadmaking in Normandy, Circa 1590-1635 • Beaded Aprons of the Coastal Peoples of the Guianas • Glass and Lapidary Beads at Jamestown, Virginia: An Updated Assessment • Roman to Islamic Beads and Pendants from Matmar and Mostagedda, Middle Egypt • Even More on Frit-Core Beads • Glass Beads from Iron Age and Early Medieval Scotland • A Glass Bead Sequence for South America Based on Collections from Brazil and Guyana • Book Reviews

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BEADS  30 (2018)

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To Produce “A Pleasing Effect:” Taíno Shell and Stone Cibas and Spanish Cuentas in the Early Colonial Caribbean • Glass Beads in Iron-age and Early-Modern Taiwan: An Introduction • Beyond the Nubian Gold: Meroitic Beads Between the Fifth and Sixth Nile Cataracts • Florida Cut-Crystal Beads in Ontario • More Pipeclay Beads from Norton St Philip, England • More on Frit-Core Beads in North America • Sourcing an Unusual Man-in-the-Moon Bead • Stone Beads in Oman During the 3rd to 2nd Millenia BCE: New Approaches to the Study of Trade and Technology • Book Reviews

BEADS  29 (2017)

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Patterns of Scandinavian Bead Use between the Iron Age and Viking Age, ca. 600-1000 C.E. • An XRF Compositional Analysis of Opaque White Glass Beads from 17th-Century Mission Santa Catalina de Guale, Georgia • Antique Cloisonné Japanese Beads • Mainland Chinese Export Beadwork • Flying Woman’s Beaded Cheyenne Cradleboard and Associated Bead Card from Fort Keogh, Montana • Book Reviews

BEADS  28 (2016)

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Imitation Amber Beads of Phenolic Resin from the African Trade • The Fichtelgebirge Bead and Button Industry of Bavaria • Beads and Pendants from the Tumuli Cemeteries at Wadi Qitna and Kalabsha-South, Nubia • Beads at The Place of White Earth – Late Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic Aktopraklık, Northwestern Turkey • Frit-Core Beads in North America • Bead Netting and Plaiting Techniques in the Peranakan World • Book Reviews

beads journal 27 2015

BEADS  27 (2015)

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Ceramics and Glass Beads as Symbolic Mixed Media in Colonial Native North America  • A 17th-Century Glass Bead Factory at Hammersmith Embankment, London, England • Pipeclay Beads from Norton St Philip, England • Beads and Pendants from Sedeinga, Nubia • Elite Dress and Regional Identity: Chimú-Inka Perforated Ornaments from Samanco, Nepeña Valley, Coastal Peru • From the Past: Indians of U.S. Spurn All Beads Except Italy’s • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 26 2014

BEADS  26 (2014)

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Historical Descriptions of Malay “Beadwork”  • Glass Beads from Jar Burials of the 15th-17th Centuries in the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia • Shell and Glass Beads from the Tombs of Kindoki, Mbanza Nsundi, Lower Congo • Archaeometrical Analysis of Glass Beads: Potential, Limitations, and Results • Glass Beads from Champlain’s Habitation on Saint Croix Island, Maine, 1604-1613 • From the Past (1854): A Chapter on Necklaces, Old and New • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 25 2013

BEADS  25 (2013)
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Early Chinese Faience and Glass Beads and Pendants • Chinese Bead Curtains, Past and Present • Beads from the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Principal Depot, York Factory • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 24 2012

BEADS  24 (2012)
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In Memoriam: Roderick Sprague, 1933-2012 • Heirloom Blue-Glass Melon Beads of the Tani Tribes, Northeast India • Chemical Composition of 16th- to 18th-Century Glass Beads Excavated in Paris • A Classification System for Glass Beads for the Use of Field Archaeologists • Guide to the Description and Classification of Glass Beads Found in the Americas • A Wampum-Inlaid Musket from the 1690 Phips’ Shipwreck • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 23 2011

BEADS  23 (2011)
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Beads From Gablonz

Volume 23 reprints the English portion of Dr. Waltraud Neuwirth’s important 1994 book, Perlen aus Gablonz:  Historismus, Jugendstil / Beads from Gablonz:  Historicism, Art Nouveau, which is one of the most useful publications for both bead researchers as well as bead aficionados who wish to understand the Bohemian bead industry and its products. It contains 112 pages of text and 50 color plates which depict a wide variety of 19th-20th century beads, beadwork, and jewelry that incorporates Bohemian beads or pressed-glass stones. An incredible resource that deserves a place in every bead researcher’s library.

beads journal 22 2010

BEADS  22 (2010)
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Bauxite Mining and Bead Production in Ghana • Sixteenth-Century Glass Beads from Chotuna, North Coast of Peru • Lucayan Beads from San Salvador, Bahamas (ca. A.D. 900-1500) • The Beads That Did NOT Buy Manhattan Island • Venetian Glass Beads and the Slave Trade from Liverpool, 1750-1800 • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 21 2009

BEADS  21 (2009)
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Twenty Years of The Bead Forum: Newsletter of the Society of Bead Researchers (1982-2002) • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 20 2008

BEADS  20 (2008)
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Heirloom Beads of the Kachin and Naga • Beads from the Great White Arabia : A Mid-19th-Century American Steamboat • Glass Beads from the Belbek IV Cemetery, Southwestern Crimea • Red-on-White Drawn or Cornelian Beads: A 19th-Century Temporal Marker for the Plains • The Venetian Bead Story • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  19 (2007)
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In Memoriam: Mary Elizabeth Good, 1930-2007 • World War I Turkish Prisoner-of-War Beadwork • Eighteenth-Century Glass Beads from the English Slaving Fort at Bunce Island, Sierra Leone • An Archaeological Approach to Understanding the Meaning of Beads Using the Example of Korean National Treasure 634, a Bead from a 5th-6th-Century Royal Silla Tomb • Western Indian (Mewar) Chalcolithic Beads with Special Reference to Balathal • Chemical Composition of Late 18th- and 19th-Century Glass Beads from Western North America: Clues to Sourcing Beads • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  18 (2006)
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Classification and Nomenclature of Beads and Pendants • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

The year 2006 marks the 80th anniversary of the presentation of a “Classification and Nomenclature of Beads and Pendants” by Horace C. Beck to the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1926. While it is somewhat out of date, it nevertheless remains a classic in its field and is still the only comprehensive work that deals with the classification of beads of complex shapes and forms. The version presented here replicates the original 1928 version with the addition of an addendum that presents corrections and additions made to the manuscript by Beck up to 1934.

BEADS  17 (2005)
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Necklaces Used in the Santería of Cuba • Die Perle : A 1920s German Trade Journal • Late 19th- and Early 20th-Century Manufacture of Drawn Glass Tubing for Glass Beads • Elemental Analyses of North American Glass Trade Beads • Thirteen-Hundred-Year-Old Bead Adornments from Baar, Canton Zug, Switzerland • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  16 (2004)
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Precious Red Coral: Markets and Meanings • Bead Making at Murano and Venice • The Levin Catalogue of Mid-19th-Century Beads • Incised Dentalium Shell Beads in the Plateau Culture Area • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  15 (2003)
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Two Centuries of Iroquois Beadwork • Beads in the Straits Settlements: Trade and Domestic Demand, 1827-1937 • Bohemian Faceted-Spheroidal Mold-Pressed Glass Bead Attributes: Hypothesized Terminus Post Quem Dates for the 19th Century • Birds, Beasts, and Botanicals: Organic Beads and Pendants from the Amazon Basin • Early Upper Paleolithic Ornaments from Üçaǧizli Cave, Turkey • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  14 (2002)
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In Memoriam: Peter Francis, Jr., 1945-2002 • Beadwork of Hungary and Transylvania • A Brief Biography of Giovanni Giacomuzzi: Artist and Glassmaker • The Giacomuzzi Bead Sample Book and Folders • Late Neolithic Amber Beads and Pendants from the Lake Lubans Wetlands, Latvia • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  12-13 (2000-2001)
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Annamese Orders: Precious Metal, Tassels, and Beads • Stone Beads and Sealstones from the Mycenaean Tholos Tomb at Nichoria, Greece • Identifying Sources of Prehistoric Turquoise in North America: Problems and Implications for Interpreting Social Organization • Man-in-the-Moon Beads • The Stone Bead Industry of Southern India • The Krobo and Bodom • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  10-11 (1998-1999)
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Dressed to Kill: Jade Beads and Pendants in the Maya Lowlands • Stone Beads and their Imitations • Melanau Bead Culture: A Vanishing World? • A History of Gem Beadmaking in Idar-Oberstein • A Brief History of Drills and Drilling • Venetian Beads • Progress and Problems in Recent Trade Bead Research • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  8-9 (1996-1997)
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Beads Among the Juang of India • Akyem Te: The Technology and Socio-Cultural Setting of the Abompe Bauxite-Beadmaking Industry, Ghana • Imitation Pearls in France • A Hoard of Stone Beads near Lake Chad, Nigeria • Beads, Pendants and Buttons from Early Historic Creek Contexts at the Tarver Sites, Georgia • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  7 (1995)
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Prosperity, Reverence and Protection: An Introduction to Asian Beadwork • Merovingian Beads on the Lower Rhine • Social Status Gradations Expressed in the Beadwork Patterns of Sarawak’s Orang Ulu • The Beads of Tenth- to Twelfth-Century Hungary • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  6 (1994)
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Beads from the African Burial Ground, New York City: A Preliminary Assessment • European Beads from Spanish-Colonial Lamanai and Tipu, Belize • A Possible Beadmaker’s Kit from North America’s Lake Superior Copper District • Toward a Social History of Beadmakers • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  5 (1993)
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In Memoriam: Kenneth E. Kidd, 1906-1994 • Gold-Glass Beads: A Review of the Evidence • The A Speo Method of Heat Rounding Drawn Glass Beads and its Archaeological Manifestations • Powdered-Glass Beads and Bead Trade in Mauritania • Lun Bawang Beads • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  4 (1992)
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The Beads of Cameroon • The Beads of Roman and Post-Medieval Antwerpen, Belgium • Beads in the Lives of the Peoples of Southern Togo, West Africa • On the Date of the Copper Age in the United States • Identifying Beads Used in the 19th-Century Central East Africa Trade • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  3 (1991)
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The Mohawk Glass Trade Bead Chronology: ca. 1560-1785 • French Beadmaking: An Historic Perspective Emphasizing the 19th and 20th Centuries • The Beads from Oudespost I, A Dutch East India Company Outpost, Cape, South Africa • L’Impiraressa: The Venetian Bead Stringer • Book Reviews

BEADS  2 (1990)
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Observations and Problems in Researching the Contemporary Glass-Bead Industry in Northern China • Beadmaking in Islam: The African Trade and the Rise of Hebron • Trade Beads from Hudson’s Bay Company Fort Vancouver (1829-1860), Vancouver, Washington • Dominique Bussolin on the Glass-Bead Industry of Murano and Venice (1847) • Perforated Prehistoric Ornaments of Curaçao and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles • Book Reviews

BEADS  1 (1989)
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Diakhité: A Study of the Beads from an 18th-19th-Century Burial Site in Senegal, West Africa • Beads of the Early Islamic Period • Beads as Chronological Indicators in West African Archaeology: A Reexamination • The Beads of St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles • Bohemian Glass Beadmaking: Translation and Discussion of a 1913 German Technical Article • Book Reviews