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BEADS  29 (2017)

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Patterns of Scandinavian Bead Use between the Iron Age and Viking Age, ca. 600-1000 C.E. • An XRF Compositional Analysis of Opaque White Glass Beads from 17th-Century Mission Santa Catalina de Guale, Georgia • Antique Cloisonné Japanese Beads • Mainland Chinese Export Beadwork • Flying Woman’s Beaded Cheyenne Cradleboard and Associated Bead Card from Fort Keogh, Montana • Book Reviews

BEADS  28 (2016)

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Imitation Amber Beads of Phenolic Resin from the African Trade • The Fichtelgebirge Bead and Button Industry of Bavaria • Beads and Pendants from the Tumuli Cemeteries at Wadi Qitna and Kalabsha-South, Nubia • Beads at The Place of White Earth – Late Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic Aktopraklık, Northwestern Turkey • Frit-Core Beads in North America • Bead Netting and Plaiting Techniques in the Peranakan World • Book Reviews

beads journal 27 2015

BEADS  27 (2015)

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Ceramics and Glass Beads as Symbolic Mixed Media in Colonial Native North America  • A 17th-Century Glass Bead Factory at Hammersmith Embankment, London, England • Pipeclay Beads from Norton St Philip, England • Beads and Pendants from Sedeinga, Nubia • Elite Dress and Regional Identity: Chimú-Inka Perforated Ornaments from Samanco, Nepeña Valley, Coastal Peru • From the Past: Indians of U.S. Spurn All Beads Except Italy’s • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 26 2014

BEADS  26 (2014)

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Historical Descriptions of Malay “Beadwork”  • Glass Beads from Jar Burials of the 15th-17th Centuries in the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia • Shell and Glass Beads from the Tombs of Kindoki, Mbanza Nsundi, Lower Congo • Archaeometrical Analysis of Glass Beads: Potential, Limitations, and Results • Glass Beads from Champlain’s Habitation on Saint Croix Island, Maine, 1604-1613 • From the Past (1854): A Chapter on Necklaces, Old and New • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 25 2013

BEADS  25 (2013)
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Early Chinese Faience and Glass Beads and Pendants • Chinese Bead Curtains, Past and Present • Beads from the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Principal Depot, York Factory • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 24 2012

BEADS  24 (2012)
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In Memoriam: Roderick Sprague, 1933-2012 • Heirloom Blue-Glass Melon Beads of the Tani Tribes, Northeast India • Chemical Composition of 16th- to 18th-Century Glass Beads Excavated in Paris • A Classification System for Glass Beads for the Use of Field Archaeologists • Guide to the Description and Classification of Glass Beads Found in the Americas • A Wampum-Inlaid Musket from the 1690 Phips’ Shipwreck • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 23 2011

BEADS  23 (2011)
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Beads From Gablonz

beads journal 22 2010

BEADS  22 (2010)
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Bauxite Mining and Bead Production in Ghana • Sixteenth-Century Glass Beads from Chotuna, North Coast of Peru • Lucayan Beads from San Salvador, Bahamas (ca. A.D. 900-1500) • The Beads That Did NOT Buy Manhattan Island • Venetian Glass Beads and the Slave Trade from Liverpool, 1750-1800 • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 21 2009

BEADS  21 (2009)
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Twenty Years of The Bead Forum: Newsletter of the Society of Bead Researchers (1982-2002) • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

beads journal 20 2008

BEADS  20 (2008)
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Heirloom Beads of the Kachin and Naga • Beads from the Great White Arabia : A Mid-19th-Century American Steamboat • Glass Beads from the Belbek IV Cemetery, Southwestern Crimea • Red-on-White Drawn or Cornelian Beads: A 19th-Century Temporal Marker for the Plains • The Venetian Bead Story • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  19 (2007)
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In Memoriam: Mary Elizabeth Good, 1930-2007 • World War I Turkish Prisoner-of-War Beadwork • Eighteenth-Century Glass Beads from the English Slaving Fort at Bunce Island, Sierra Leone • An Archaeological Approach to Understanding the Meaning of Beads Using the Example of Korean National Treasure 634, a Bead from a 5th-6th-Century Royal Silla Tomb • Western Indian (Mewar) Chalcolithic Beads with Special Reference to Balathal • Chemical Composition of Late 18th- and 19th-Century Glass Beads from Western North America: Clues to Sourcing Beads • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  18 (2006)
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Classification and Nomenclature of Beads and Pendants • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  17 (2005)
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Necklaces Used in the Santería of Cuba • Die Perle : A 1920s German Trade Journal • Late 19th- and Early 20th-Century Manufacture of Drawn Glass Tubing for Glass Beads • Elemental Analyses of North American Glass Trade Beads • Thirteen-Hundred-Year-Old Bead Adornments from Baar, Canton Zug, Switzerland • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  16 (2004)
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Precious Red Coral: Markets and Meanings • Bead Making at Murano and Venice • The Levin Catalogue of Mid-19th-Century Beads • Incised Dentalium Shell Beads in the Plateau Culture Area • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  15 (2003)
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Two Centuries of Iroquois Beadwork • Beads in the Straits Settlements: Trade and Domestic Demand, 1827-1937 • Bohemian Faceted-Spheroidal Mold-Pressed Glass Bead Attributes: Hypothesized Terminus Post Quem Dates for the 19th Century • Birds, Beasts, and Botanicals: Organic Beads and Pendants from the Amazon Basin • Early Upper Paleolithic Ornaments from Üçaǧizli Cave, Turkey • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  14 (2002)
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In Memoriam: Peter Francis, Jr., 1945-2002 • Beadwork of Hungary and Transylvania • A Brief Biography of Giovanni Giacomuzzi: Artist and Glassmaker • The Giacomuzzi Bead Sample Book and Folders • Late Neolithic Amber Beads and Pendants from the Lake Lubans Wetlands, Latvia • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  12-13 (2000-2001)
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Annamese Orders: Precious Metal, Tassels, and Beads • Stone Beads and Sealstones from the Mycenaean Tholos Tomb at Nichoria, Greece • Identifying Sources of Prehistoric Turquoise in North America: Problems and Implications for Interpreting Social Organization • Man-in-the-Moon Beads • The Stone Bead Industry of Southern India • The Krobo and Bodom • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  10-11 (1998-1999)
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Dressed to Kill: Jade Beads and Pendants in the Maya Lowlands • Stone Beads and their Imitations • Melanau Bead Culture: A Vanishing World? • A History of Gem Beadmaking in Idar-Oberstein • A Brief History of Drills and Drilling • Venetian Beads • Progress and Problems in Recent Trade Bead Research • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  8-9 (1996-1997)
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Beads Among the Juang of India • Akyem Te: The Technology and Socio-Cultural Setting of the Abompe Bauxite-Beadmaking Industry, Ghana • Imitation Pearls in France • A Hoard of Stone Beads near Lake Chad, Nigeria • Beads, Pendants and Buttons from Early Historic Creek Contexts at the Tarver Sites, Georgia • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  7 (1995)
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Prosperity, Reverence and Protection: An Introduction to Asian Beadwork • Merovingian Beads on the Lower Rhine • Social Status Gradations Expressed in the Beadwork Patterns of Sarawak’s Orang Ulu • The Beads of Tenth- to Twelfth-Century Hungary • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  6 (1994)
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Beads from the African Burial Ground, New York City: A Preliminary Assessment • European Beads from Spanish-Colonial Lamanai and Tipu, Belize • A Possible Beadmaker’s Kit from North America’s Lake Superior Copper District • Toward a Social History of Beadmakers • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  5 (1993)
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In Memoriam: Kenneth E. Kidd, 1906-1994 • Gold-Glass Beads: A Review of the Evidence • The A Speo Method of Heat Rounding Drawn Glass Beads and its Archaeological Manifestations • Powdered-Glass Beads and Bead Trade in Mauritania • Lun Bawang Beads • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  4 (1992)
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The Beads of Cameroon • The Beads of Roman and Post-Medieval Antwerpen, Belgium • Beads in the Lives of the Peoples of Southern Togo, West Africa • On the Date of the Copper Age in the United States • Identifying Beads Used in the 19th-Century Central East Africa Trade • Book, Video and DVD Reviews

BEADS  3 (1991)
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The Mohawk Glass Trade Bead Chronology: ca. 1560-1785 • French Beadmaking: An Historic Perspective Emphasizing the 19th and 20th Centuries • The Beads from Oudespost I, A Dutch East India Company Outpost, Cape, South Africa • L’Impiraressa: The Venetian Bead Stringer • Book Reviews

BEADS  2 (1990)
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Observations and Problems in Researching the Contemporary Glass-Bead Industry in Northern China • Beadmaking in Islam: The African Trade and the Rise of Hebron • Trade Beads from Hudson’s Bay Company Fort Vancouver (1829-1860), Vancouver, Washington • Dominique Bussolin on the Glass-Bead Industry of Murano and Venice (1847) • Perforated Prehistoric Ornaments of Curaçao and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles • Book Reviews

BEADS  1 (1989)
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Diakhité: A Study of the Beads from an 18th-19th-Century Burial Site in Senegal, West Africa • Beads of the Early Islamic Period • Beads as Chronological Indicators in West African Archaeology: A Reexamination • The Beads of St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles • Bohemian Glass Beadmaking: Translation and Discussion of a 1913 German Technical Article • Book Reviews