The Bead Forum Index

The Bead Forum Index: Nos 1-80 (1982-2022)

Since the first issue appeared in 1982, The Bead Forum has provided information about various aspects of bead research and SBR activities. Much of the material, especially the articles and news items, is still relevant to researchers and Society officers, but frequently difficult to find without leafing through most or all of the issues. This index is intended to alleviate this problem and facilitate the flow of information.

The index is divided into two sections: an author index and a subject index. The former is not all-inclusive, listing only those items that have research or reference potential. Items such as society news, treasurer’s and president’s reports, announcements, requests for information and recent publications have generally not been included unless they contain material which is unique. The subject index is not exhaustive by any means either, but still will allow the user to locate a wide range of subject matter.

In the author index, the numbers following each entry indicate the issue number followed by the page numbers. In the subject index, the issue number is included, but only the number of the first page follows.

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