Membership in the Society of Bead Researchers is open to all persons and organizations involved in the study of beads and beadwork, as well as those interested in keeping abreast of current trends in bead research.

Our Memberships are for the current year. If you wish to purchase the journal that came out the end of the previous year, please go to Our Publications/Current Issue and click Buy Now.

Our Levels of Membership (click the listing to purchase)

Individual or Institution for North America (US and Canada):  $25 US

Individual or Institution for Overseas:  $35 US

Sustaining:  $45 US

Patron:  $75 US

Benefactor: $150 US

Should you wish to pay with a money order or check, you may download a membership order form to fill out and return with your payment. This form may also be used to purchase back issues of Beads: Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers via check or money order.

Membership includes the annual peer-reviewed journal, Beads, and the biannual newsletter, The Bead Forum. All levels receive the same publications and benefits; the Sustaining, Patron, and Benefactor categories are simply intended to allow those who are in a position to donate larger amounts to the Society to do so.