Beads-Journal 26


Beads 26 (2014) (Over 20 copies available)


  • Historical Descriptions of Malay “Beadwork,” by Hwei-Fen Cheah
  • Glass Beads from Jar Burials of the 15th-17th Centuries in the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia, by Alison Carter and Nancy Beavan
  • Shell and Glass Beads from the Tombs of Kindoki, Mbanza Nsundi, Lower Congo, by Charlotte Verhaeghe, Bernard-Olivier Clist, Chantal Fontaine, Karlis Karklins, Koen Bostoen, and Wim De Clercq
  • Archaeometrical Analysis of Glass Beads: Potential, Limitations, and Results, by Adelphine Bonneau, Jean-François Moreau, Ron G.V. Hancock, and Karlis Karklins
  • Glass Beads from Champlain’s Habitation on Saint Croix Island, Maine, 1604-1613, by James W. Bradley
  • From the Past (1854): A Chapter on Necklaces, Old and New, by Mrs. White
  • Book, Video and DVD Reviews
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