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  • Ceramics and Glass Beads as Symbolic Mixed Media in Colonial Native North America, by Gregory A. Waselkov, David W. Morgan, and Billie Coleman
  • A 17th-Century Glass Bead Factory at Hammersmith Embankment, London, England, by Karlis Karklins, Laure Dussubieux, and Ron G.V. Hancock
  • Pipeclay Beads from Norton St Philip, England, by Marek Lewcun
  • Beads and Pendants from Sedeinga, Nubia, by Joanna Then-Obłuska
  • Elite Dress and Regional Identity: Chimú-Inka Perforated Ornaments from Samanco, Nepeña Valley, Coastal Peru, by Benjamin Carter and Matthew Helmer
  • From the Past: Indians of U.S. Spurn All Beads Except Italy’s – Unattributed newspaper article
  • Book, Video and DVD Reviews


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