Beads-Journal 12-13


Beads 12-13 (2000-2001)


  • Annamese Orders: Precious Metal, Tassels, and Beads, by John Sylvester, Jr.
  • Stone Beads and Sealstones from the Mycenaean Tholos Tomb at Nichoria, Greece, by Nancy C. Wilkie
  • Identifying Sources of Prehistoric Turquoise in North America: Problems and Implications for Interpreting Social Organization, by Frances Joan Mathien
  • Man-in-the-Moon Beads, by Michele Lorenzini and Karlis Karklins
  • The Stone Bead Industry of Southern India, by Peter Francis, Jr.
  • The Krobo and Bodom, by Kirk Stanfield
  • Book, Video and DVD Reviews
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