Beads-Journal 28

Beads 28 (2016) Out of Print


  • Imitation Amber Beads of Phenolic Resin from the African Trade, by Rosanna Falabella
  • The Fichtelgebirge Bead and Button Industry of Bavaria, by Karlis Karklins, Sibylle Jargstorf, Gerhard Zeh, and Laure Dussubieux
  • Beads and Pendants from the Tumuli Cemeteries at Wadi Qitna and Kalabsha-South, Nubia, by Joanna Then-Obłuska
  • Beads at The Place of White Earth – Late Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic Aktopraklık, Northwestern Turkey, by Emma L. Baysal
  • Bead Netting and Plaiting Techniques in the Peranakan World, by Valerie Hector
  • Book, Video and DVD Reviews
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